Canoe Trips

GPS Units

You should take a GPS unit with you because they are relatively cheap these days and are straightforwardly helpful. I certainly do always have one, but I haven't actually used it in years. I prefer to navigate the old-fashioned way! All you need is a good-quality map and a compass. I'm going to teach you how to recognize the former and how to use the latter!

A GPS unit shouldn't be your only navigation method, because if it fails you'll strand yourself! They have a way of giving you no real sense of where you are if you rely on them too much, which is certainly not true for using a map and compass.

Map and Compass Navigation

My favourite way to get around in the wilderness is with a map and compass. It gives me a constant sense of where I am, which is useful even if I lose both the map and the compass! Learning the basics is pretty easy, all you need is a good compass and a good map.

Planning your Canoe Trip

Organizing a canoe trip can be tricky. If you have a larger group you want to make sure they don't bring too much food and are ready to be stuffed into a car bright and early! I've planned a few trips, and I've outlined what I've learned in this section. The key parts are keeping the costs down for everyone, ensuring people don't pack too much, choosing appropriate meals, and estimating travel time.