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Canoeing and canoe camping are my happy place. I've made this site to show total newcomers the basics of what they'll need to know to make it their happy place, too. This is no substitute for real life training, canoeing isn't the safest activity to just jump into.

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Canoeing Basics

How to move a canoe without breaking it, yourself, or your car. Other basics are covered like how to get your canoe loaded up and in the water, and paddling basics. This section aims to inform people new to canoeing about the major parts of canoeing and canoe camping. You'll at least know what you don't know!

My Class on the Confluence by Virginia State Parks used under CC Attribution 2.0 license

Canoeing Safety

Canoeing can be dangerous! You're going to be paddling over deep lakes wearing boots and clothes that are very heavy when wet. There's decent research available on incidents related to canoes and kayaks, and I've done some work to compile that here for you. I'll show you why it's important to be safe on the water, and what the research tells us is the best way to be safe. You'll also need to be prepared to signal or respond to signals for distress, as well as recovering from a capsize.

Safety First by USFWmidwest used under CC Attribution 2.0 license

Canoeing Equipment

There's more than canoes to canoeing! There's safety equipment and navigation equipment you must have, and extras you'll want to have. You're likely to have many types of canoes to select from on your trips, and I'm aiming to clarify the major differences enough that you'll be able to make an informed decision.

3 Canoes by Martin Cathrae used under CC 2.0 SA license

Organizing Canoe Trips

Whether you're going solo or with a group, planning your trip is a good idea. I'll cover GPS basics which for me is a safety fallback. My favourite navigation method when canoeing is with a map and compass, which I'll describe in detail. I also cover how to organize a canoe trip in general, taking into account travel times and buddy laziness. I've also included an ever-updating gear list that you can skim through before a trip. I know I do!

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